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We stand behind our workmanship.
Our instruments can be identified by their serial number on the headstock or on the body (Athena model) starting with the first letter of the model, the number of the build and the year it was built.
Example: V(Venus)–230(number of build) 23(year)

* NAMM projects and art pieces, might have a different or unique serial number.
* In addition you’ll find a certificate of authenticity of your instrument purchased from us directly or an authorized dealer of OD Guitars.

If any doubt occurs, simply ask us directly about your instrument.

This warrants that the guitar will be defect-free regarding materials and workmanship, subject to the limitations contained herein:
The warranty is offered to the original purchaser only and may not be transferred or assigned to the following owners or purchasers. Used instruments sold through OD Guitars are covered by a limited 3-month warranty.

The warranty does not cover:

* Unauthorized repair services are done by any repairman/luthier/tech Guy unless we know them and approve their work in advance.
* Any instrument worked on or fixed by you or an acquaintance of yours.
* Any instrument that has been altered in any way by the customer or a repairman/luthier/tech guy or acquaintance.
* Any instrument where the serial number has been removed or modified.
* Any damage due to accident, negligence, wear or misuse
* Any instrument not directly purchased from OD Guitars or an authorized dealer.
* Subjective Preferences: Defects involving subjective personal likes or judgments related to the instrument’s aesthetics or tonal qualities.
* Normal “wear and tear,” color fading, discoloration or damage to the original finish, worn frets, worn nut, strings, tuners, hardware, and plating including gold hardware.
* Any instrument that has been subjected to extremes of humidity, direct sunlight, and heat or temperature changes.
* Any instrument that has been subjected to moisture.
* Any set-up adjustments required for personal use (truss rod adjustments, intonation, string height tuning, pickup height, tuner drilled or altered, change of wiring, soldering, change of pickups, frets replacing).
* hardware and electronics are covered by the respective manufacturers**

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