OD Customer Experience

One of the things that I value the most is the customer’s experience when ordering a custom OD guitar. This is not buying a guitar in a shop, it’s telling me who you are, what you like, what music do you listen to, what music do you play, and basically anything that can help me understand what to do with your build in order to make you a happy OD Guitar owner.
When we start discussing the specs of the guitar, that’s the part when we have fun and imagine together what your guitar will look like, model, wood types, scales, pickups, neck shape, etc.
The next stage is usually a 3d render that shows us both the end result (sort of.. it’s still is a render)
During the build time, the customer gets a lot of photos of his/her guitar being born, starting from a slab of wood and getting a final touch at the end.
Creating a dream for a stranger out there is one of the most satisfying things I can do in this world.

Materials and quality:
When we are looking at a guitar in this price range, there is no cheap hardware or bad wood.
When buying wood, I handpick the wood for bodies and necks which are 60% of the way a guitar works, the way the guitar will react to the vibrations of the strings is in how the wood moves under it and we get the best results when using a well-dried wood.
The condition of the wood and the building methods are highly important in order to create a great instrument.
It’s not so hard to build a guitar, but a good musical instrument is a whole different story.