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The Story Behind

Natural Geometric™

Natural Geometric™

Read The Story Behind Natural Geometric™

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by nature’s mathematics.
I didn’t see it at the time, but it was always there.
Of course, I’m not creating or discovering anything new here, it has always been known that nature has its order in chaos, but as I grew older and started my design studies, I’ve come to find more and more interest in nature’s mathematics, the golden ratio, the sacred geometry, fractal, etc.
I had decided to look further down the rabbit hole and see where it goes.

It was then that I started designing using the help of those shapes and mathematical rules, which in some way led me to combine them with the traditional methods of guitar building and design, within the surfaces of the guitar.

The Natural Geometric chambering™ was developed over the years and now defines the OD Guitars’ aggressive sound and mids loaded tones.
I’ve come to find that those shapes of chambering, change the tone of the guitar and I can alter the sound just by the position and the pattern of the chambers.

These geometric patterns are all created by using CAD software and calculated in a way that expresses nature’s natural geometry.
It’s progressive thinking and experimenting with those patterns, therefore I have a lot of testing and discovering ahead of me to reveal new options for my future designs.

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