Goddesses of Beauty and seduction


Diving in a spiral, to the middle of the universe
I found myself drifting outside, to find the other end
To search for a different path, a different land
Finding beauty, comfort and inner peace

Base price 3800 USD

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Venus is OD’s bestseller due to its comfortable shape and hard kicking tones.

With some new improvements to its shape, you’ll get a super comfy guitar.

*New arm contour

*Bigger access to the higher frets


Venus Wings NG with a headstock Add-on



OD's standard features


In the ordering form you’ll see all the options available for customization, if you have other things in mind, let me know and I’ll inform you if that is OK with me

Standard features in all OD’s guitars:

Hipshot locking tuners-open gear style

OD’s custom tuner buttons

OD truss rod cover

Dual action truss rod

Bone Nut

Frets: Fret blind slots 

Constant communication with me 🙂



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