The mother of gods


"OD Guitars has changed my perspective on what a guitar should be.
The craftsmanship and playability combined with the tonal diversity
is matched only by the experience of working with Omer on designing your dream guitar."
Chad C Peplinski

Base price 3600 USD

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Rhea is the OD brand core signature guitar. If you are into progressive music, Ambient sound and good rhythmic chords, that guitar is for you. 

Special OD feature: Semi-Acoustic headstock, the natural geometric holes in the headstock creates a nice crystal clear tone, while not interrupting your high gain chugging riffs. 



OD's standard features


In the ordering form you’ll see all the options available for customization, if you have other things in mind, let me know and I’ll inform you if that is OK with me

Standard features in all OD’s guitars:


Bare Knuckle Pickups

Hipshot tuners-open gear style

OD’s custom tuner buttons

Dual-action truss rod

Bone Nut

Frets: Fret blind slots

Constant communication with me

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