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It’s time! order your next awesome guitar
Submitting a form will not charge you with anything, first, we’ll talk a little bit on emails and tune down the specs for you 😉

I will review and reply as soon as possible.
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Once I receive your form I will send you an email with a detailed invoice for you to review.

If you’ll need help with decisions we’ll start by discussing your style of playing, the music you’d like to play on your guitar, and music you like to listen to, just to get a basic idea of your style and what you need and want from this build. then, we adjust the specs accordingly with my suggestions and recommendations of wood types, pickups, and other details. The look of the guitar is almost free of limitations but our imagination and my skills 🙂 so you can either send me pictures for inspiration, like scenery, video game, album art, just a color etc. After I know what we are looking for, I’ll do a frontal illustration and we’ll start adjusting it as needed.

After we adjust the specs and illustration I will ask you for a down payment, once a down payment is made, I’ll start the build and you’ll get pictures all along the way seeing your guitar being built.

The down payment default is 50%, but the price can be divided up to 4 during the build time, with a 25% down payment The final payment is made once the guitar is finished and ready to ship. You can pay with PayPal, With the addition of a 4% fee OR Wire Transfer, When bank Fees paid by you.

Build time is 12 months


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Terms Of Sale

Placing an order

Once you have submitted an order form and we have discussed and finalized all the instrument details, I will ask you for a down payment, The default option is a 50% down payment but the price can be divided up to 4 during the build time, with a 25% down payment instead. A down payment of 25% of the amount will secure you a build slot and a reserved top of your selection. You will also get a photoshoot of your guitar when I ask for the final payment If for any reason the customer won’t be able to complete his payments, all payments he made during the build time would be lost because once paid, it is used to source work that was made and hardware that was ordered.


We accept wire transfers or PayPal if you choose to make a wire transfer all the details are on the invoice's 2nd page Please ask your bank that transfer fees be paid by your end (choosing OUR fee option, not SHA), and in USD only (do not convert to our local currency) If you prefer PayPal, please let me know so I could add a 4% fee to the invoice and I will send you a payment request (Some customers find the PP 4% fee lower than the banks, both ways are fine by me) Build Process and lead time Lead time is 12th months from the moment the down payment is made and all specs are finalized. In the first weeks your build is in a stand by mode, which means I prepare the wood and glue the top to the bod and the neck pieces. When I finish a guitar the first in line from the standbys is moved to work progress You will get photo updates of the wood preparations, and a couple of months later you could see that the wood takes shape. There might be weeks where you won’t see any progress since I am working simultaneity on a number of builds in different stages, as I go deeper in the process, I am working more closely on a guitar so you’ll get updates more often.


All OD guitars are shipped trackable and insured. This service is included in your instrument quote, based on your location. We receive updates of the shipping and here to assist you if needed. TAX, VAT, and customs fees that may apply in your country, are your responsibility and should be paid by you We ship in a custom designed case that can hold tightly each of the models and prevent moving inside the case. The Minerva is shipped in a soft gig bag also custom made to its dimensions and shape. The core reason for a damaged guitar in shipping is guitars that moves and slide inside a case.

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