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OD’s Maintenance

OD’s Maintenance

Even though a guitar is a finished product, wood still has its own whims, one of those is streching, shrinking, moving – especially in different conditions of weather. Which means you’ll have to pay attention and take care of your guitar from time to time.

Here are some guidelines on how to keep your guitar in good shape. All my recommendations of products are what I use myself, none of it is sponsored.


  • For standard cleaning of the guitar use Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Polish and Cleaner, Or, use WD40 it will do the same job, it will also remove hard gunk also great for fret cleaning.
  • Use compressed air for the NG cavities, if needed.
  • Make sure to oil your fretboard with Lemon oil, or Linseed oil (Not for Maple fretboard).
    For Maple Fretboard use the Dunlop 65 or WD40
  • String vibration might loosen nuts and screws:
    PL output Jack, Bridge saddle height, Strap Buttons, Tuners, Volume and Tone knobs
    If needed, tighten these with gentle force, no need for a torque wrench.

In your guitar case compartment you’ll find the following:

  • Tools for your hardware adjustments, 2 Allen keys
  • Dunlop parts for Flush mount strap buttons(Instruction can be found on the Dunlop website)
  • OD Guitars wooden pick, not so playable but nice-looking 😉
  • Bare Knuckle Certificate and BKP pick.

Please use a certified tech guy to set up your guitar when needed.

When do you need to set up your guitar?
When changing string gauges
When strings are buzzing
When the action is not comfortable or the guitar isn’t intonated.
Some tuning may need a different setup.

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