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Goddess of beauty and seduction

Base Price: 3800 USD

Venus was the first OD design and became the brand’s core bestseller model. It is a Djent (Yes, Djent) oriented guitar, plain and simple. This guitar is designed for modern style playing.

NG™: Natural Geometric tone cavities that will emphasize the bass response, attack and cut out the unwanted mids.
Arm rest
High fret access
Harp headstock designed for more resonance on the thicker strings.

Wings VS Standard

Standard VS Inlay

Add-On VS Standard

What is it good for?
Strengthen the headstock (especially if you are doing a floating bridge build).
More resonant neck if you like to play crystal clear cleans.

Luthier’s tip:

Combined with a Rhea headstock will give you a bit more warmth to the clean chords.

"OD Venus is my main instrument when going into the studio or on stage. It has the clarity in distortion and the clean tones which is the sound I was looking for."

Roman Jiner

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