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The mother of gods

Base Price: 3600 USD

Rhea is a progressive metal oriented guitar, it will ensure you receive the biggest clean chords whether you play with distortion or emulated effects. Due to its unique semi-acoustic Natural Geometric headstock design, you’ll get the cleanest note separation in chords and in shredding arpeggios.

Natural Geometric™ tone cavities designed to work with Rhea’s headstock Pushing some natural harmonics and balanced notes.
Natural Geometric™ through-holes that act similar to a classic guitar. It vibrates differently than a regular solid headstock, giving it acoustic open tone characteristics.
Thin contour shape

Wings VS Standard

Standard VS Inlay

Luthier’s tip:

Add an NG™ inlay if you want to get more attack and percussive sound.

"OD Guitars has changed my perspective on what a guitar should be. The craftsmanship and playability combined with the tonal diversity is matched only by the experience of working with Omer on designing your dream guitar."

Chad C Peplinski


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