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The roman goddess of wisdom
and strategic warfare

Base Price: 3800 USD

Minerva is A headless guitar. I normally don’t like them, however, I took it as a mission to design a headless I’d personally enjoy. It’s an ergonomic, comfortable, super light-weight, the minimal Natural Geometric™ chambering fits perfectly on the armrest, and will give you all the benefits of a standard body guitar.

NG:™ Natural Geometric™ tone cavities for a modern and smooth punchy sound to handle finger style playing, thumping and sweep picking.
Arm rest
High fret access
Thump surface
Bridge-tuner machines
No Head

Wings VS Standard

Single Cut VS Standard

Luthier’s tip:

The single-cut version, will add some weight to the body, and will give more volume to
the guitar.

"The Minerva has fulfilled the music I wanted to express with high playability and tone quality. It is lighter and more powerful sounding to maximize my performance."

Yusuke Nagano


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