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Goddess of love

Base Price: 3600 USD

Cytherea is a simplified OD design, elegant heavy metal machine. If you like chugging all day, and need a power driving guitar, this is the one.

NG:™ Natural Geometric™ minimalistic tone cavities. This is a true metal head, old school metal machine, the NG are merely for pushing some power on high gain and nothing more.
NG™ wooden Knob ornament
High fret access
Katana design, thick harp structure with beveled edge headstock

Inlay VS Standard

Luthier’s tip:

Clean mean machine, 1 Vol and a 3 way switch, nothing more.

Every time I pick up my Cytherea, it's like entering a world of creativity. The guitar feels perfectly crafted to make the music I hear in my ears, and the versatility, tonality, and design of every instrument is second to none. The OD team puts your wildest dreams into your hands.

Meir Schack


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