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The mother of mountains

Base Price: 3600 USD

Cybele is a modern single-cut for those sweet blues tones, up to heavy metal old-school heaviness. It was designed for the player that wants a bit of a vintage feel in a modern design guitar.

NG™: Natural Geometric tone cavities that will emphasize the bass response, attack and cut out the unwanted mids.
Arm rest
High fret access
Standard headstock: Designed to give a classic look to a modern single-cut design.
Single-cut shape

Wings VS Standard

Luthier’s tip:

Combined with Athena headstock will give you a bit more sharp highs for playing with over-drive or
low gain amps.

"Having spent 2 years with my 6-string baritone Cybele I can say they are the best guitars I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Omer’s designs are so unique and his builds are nothing short of perfection."

Daniel Tompkins | TesseracT

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