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Olympian goddess of wisdom and war

Base Price: 3800 USD

Athena is a single-cut, offset body designed to give you a modern high-gain monster with the look and feel of a classic familiar design. The NG™ cavities are acting as F-holes which give the highs and the lows more sustain and balanced attack. The through-NG™ holes will balance the guitar perfectly and gives it a fresh and cool look. Athena has a semi-acoustic headstock which allows the neck to vibrate easily and give you smoothness and cleanness in these huge chords we love to do when adding ambient to a song.

NG™: Natural Geometric™ compound and through-chambering is designed to balance an unbalanced guitar shape in order to bring the most out of a single-cut, offset shape guitar in terms of aggressiveness and warm clean tones.
Through-NG™ single-cut shape
High fret access
Off-set body
Semi acoustic headstock with 3+3 tuner array, designed for more resonance on each string, best for clean tones.

Wings VS Standard

Standard VS Inlay

Luthier’s tip:

A Split coil with two humbuckers will give you plenty of sounds to play with.

"Working with OD Guitars designing and creating my Athena guitar has felt like being a kid in a candy shop. I am a big fan of the OD Guitars unique designs and I think the Athena design is amazing. All the details in the guitar are absolutely top class and Omer's great skills are obvious."

Kristoffer Winther JessenGuitarist of Cold Night For Aligators


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