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Titan goddess of falling stars

Base Price: 3800 USD

Asteria is lightweight, ergonomic, and designed for the technical progressive modern player, sitting or standing, it is balanced and comfortable. Zero effort getting to those high frets, full access for your fingers. And of course equipped with Natural Geometric™ tone cavities that will emphasize the bass response, attack and cut out the unwanted mids.

NG™: Natural Geometric™ tone cavities array that will provide you with accurate notes and a precise smooth bite on high gain and mid gain sounds.
Arm rest
High fret access
Harp curved headstock
NG™ Knob ornament design

Wings VS Standard

Standard VS Inlay

Luthier’s tip:

Multiscale all the way, will give you the best of all worlds.

“This is not just a guitar, it is a piece of art! Besides the great look of this guitar, the sound and playability are overwhelming!”

Christoph Fuchs

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