1. How much does an OD Guitar cost?

    The prices are between 3100$ to 5500$, prices are according to the model, specs, different choice of wood and finishes

  2. What do I get for the base price?

    Bare-knuckle pickups, Hipshot Locking tuners, OD’s tuners buttons, Dry and stabilized wood, 3P neck, Ash or Mahogany for body and neck, handmade truss-rod cover, two-way truss rod, Superb fretwork, Thin matte finish(not to dampen the sound), OD back NG cover and sometimes I will surprise you with a treat 😉

  3. Do you ship worldwide?


  4. Shipping insurance?

    I always add the insurance fee for you. Please check the package in front of the carrier so if something is wrong it will be easier to take care of it.

  5. Other fees?

    TAX, VAT, Customs fees that may apply in your country, are your responsibility and should be paid by you.
    Israel and the US have a Free Trade Agreement so if you live in the US there are no extra fees.

  6. How much time until my guitar is ready?

    The process takes 8-10 months build time and I’ll keep you up to date through it with photos of interesting stages of the build.

  7. I want different specs, is it possible?

    Yes, Fill out the ordering form- you will find everything that is customizable.

    other things that are not there might cost a little extra if that is something I don’t usually work with.

  8. Do you have endorsement deals?


    Since OD Guitars are handcrafted and have a lot of work hours invested in them, we cannot afford to give away free guitars. However, we have several discount options for artists. Just send us an email with your EPK, we’ll do our best to review it as soon as possible.

  9. How do I pay for a guitar?

    Simply fill in the order form and submit it, after we discuss your choices, I could send you a PayPal request for a Downpayment with an addition of 4% fee, OR  you could make a wire transfer when the bank fees paid by you. all payments must be made in USD. Once the building process is completed and the guitar is ready for shipment, I’ll ask for the remaining payment.

  10. What are my payments options? 

    I can divide your payments into 4, that are paid during the build time. Including a 25% downpayment, and the final payment is made when the guitar is ready for shipment.

  11. What happens if I regret and want to cancel my order?

    If you want to cancel, you have one week after paying the down payment, after that, your down payment will be lost along with the woods and materials we harvest for it. If your payments are split into 4, each payment that was made before cancelation will be lost.

  12. Do OD Guitars make bass guitars?

    At the moment, we do not, but maybe in the future.

  13. Designs:

    OD Guitars strive to improve and develop the designs all the time, so don’t worry if the design is changing here and there, it’s for the better good. 

  14. Fanned fret multi-scale?

    Fuck yes!

  15. What is a multiscale guitar?

    A multiscale is simply building the right scale for each string, meaning that the low string will get the long scale and the high will get the shortest, everything else is automatically gets calculated to the right scale length. once a string gauge has the right scale length to hold its tension, there is no floppiness in your playing and no muddy sounds when tuning low. also, it’s really comfortable to play on.