From my hands to your finger tips

About OD Guitars

I started OD Guitars as an industrial designer who plays guitar and love to create unconventional products.
I tend to take regular things in life and add the irregular to them, Normal is just too boring in my opinion.
With my knowledge of Industrial design and luthier skills, I strive to create the traditional guitar as an instrument,
but with new details and improved features in this abundance of available designs and options.
Let's go deeper: I tend to look at all things from a different angle, explore other ways of doing things.
If I can’t be original then there is no point in making more of the same.
We are artists, we need to express ourselves and share it with the world.
The Natural Geometric is all about being inspired by nature and combine it with today's modern design aesthetics.
It's taking the mathematics, geometric shapes and formulas and applying it to a natural material such as wood.
Every instrument I make should turn out a little different from the other, that’s the unique aspect of a handmade guitar. It's never the same as the one before it.
My background in Industrial design plays a huge role in my builds, it's not just wood craftsmanship, it's designed, calculated and tested from every angle before the first cut in the wood. I create the perfect curve for every contour, design every complex surface with a reason.