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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Creating a stranger’s dream is one of the most satisfying things I can do in this world

One of the things that I value most is the customer’s experience of ordering a custom OD guitar. This is not buying a guitar in a shop, it’s telling me who you are, what you like, what music you listen to, what music you play, and basically, anything that can help me understand how to design your build in order to make you a happy OD Guitar owner.
Discussing the specs of the guitar with you is the part when we have fun and imagine together what your guitar will look like, which model, wood types, scales, pickups, Inlay, neck shape, etc. The next stage would be creating an illustration for us both to see what it would look like at the end of the process.
During the build process, You’ll get a lot of photos of the guitar being born, so you could take part in this journey starting from a slab of wood, to getting brand new strings at the end.
After submitting an order form for the model of your choice I will send you an email where I’ll give you access to my Top wood collection.
Choosing specs:
If you need help with decisions we’ll start by discussing your style of playing, the music you’d like to play on your guitar, and the music you like to listen to, just to get a basic idea of your style and what you need and want from this build. then, we adjust the specs accordingly with my suggestions and recommendations of wood types, pickups, and other details. The look of the guitar is almost free of limitations but our imagination and my skills so you can send me pictures for inspiration, like scenery, video games, art, just a color, etc.
After I know what we are looking for, Tali my wife, partner, and designer will do a frontal illustration and we’ll start adjusting it as needed.

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